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Are Toxic Managers causing Office Mayhem and costing you money?
Toxic bosses possess the rare ability to disengage workers from meaningful and engaging work. They have the ability to take high performing employees and turn them into incompetent fools who should feel lucky to be employed. 
They can single-handedly demotivate and de-energize and entire team, department and organization.  
How Toxic are your managers?
While your managers may be fully trained on the financial and technical aspects of their jobs, 95% of small to mid-sized businesses don’t have the time or the resources to say 

“Hey – as someone who is responsible for people, here’s what we expect of you”.

Have you?
The Bottom Line...
YOUR Bottom Line
- 76% of employees say their manager sets the culture of your workplace.

- Over 36% of workers claim your managers have no idea how to lead a team

- Managers are the reason 60% of employees want to quit your company
Great Employees deserve Great Leaders
- Have you fully oriented, trained and developed your managers for the “People” part of the job?

- Have you put policies and procedures in place that let your managers (and employees) know what is expected of them?

- Have you defined a workplace culture that you are willing to hire and FIRE around?

Bob was a really great employee, so he got promoted to general manager.

Unfortunately, Bob had no training, no access to Human Resources and zero policies and procedures.  

Bob became a toxic manager.  Bob is the reason you lost your most valuable employee.

As a business owner, it's YOUR JOB to create great leaders.  Because great employees deserve great leaders.


IWG Corporate Services has compiled all of the information that any small and mid-sized business could need to take care of their people - so that their people can take care of the business.
Our real, live advisors have drawn on decades of experience in organizational development, compliance, operations, HR Consulting, administration, systems and process designs to create and deliver pre-written HR documents that work.
These documents work in any industry and comply with all local and state laws - no matter where your business is located.
It doesn’t need to be complicated or time-consuming. Let us get the basic, but all important “stuff” taken care of for you – so you can do what you do best.

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